Friday, December 17, 2010

Winding Down

This morning I got up at 4:30 AM (3 hours sleep) took my daughter to the airport. She's visiting family out of state for the holidays. Then rushed to get dressed and down to campus for my last two classes. Afterwards they had the big Faculty and Staff Christmas Party. I wanted to look festive but all I could handle was to throw on this sparkly vintage sweater over some regular clothes.

I actually got a few compliments. Needed it. Here's a close up of the sweater.

This is another little vintage bauble I picked up sometime in the 80's at a yard sale. I put it on a chain and now it's one of my favorite necklaces. Also reminds me of a Christmas ornament.

And I got this at the party!!! I don't know what's in it yet. It's too pretty to unwrap. I want to look at it for awhile. What did you do today?

Sweater-vintage, flea market
Pink Shirt-Nine & Co
Purple Tank-Mervyns
Necklace-yard sale
Scarf-hand made by me

PS After tomorrow I will be through grading and officially en vacance. I have a lot of crafts and Christmas projects to do and some ideas to share so that will be coming up. As you can see I'm not feeling very funny today. Combination of exhaustion and sadness that my baby is away. <: (

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