Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Everyday In December Challenge

Okay that's a terrible name. There's probably already a challenge like this but, eh. There's a cool challenge called Dressember going on right now but I don't want to give up my jeans and sweatpants. I have been terrible about posting, averaging one a month, and this is specifically so that I can face the time management issues and space challenges that have kept me from producing a blog like the ones I like to read. (see examples below) So now, at least for 31 days, I'm going to do it. Hopefully by the end of this month I will have figured out Photoshop and how to work my camera. heh heh.

Today I gave a tour of the FIDM campus to a high school so I'm dressed for work. Anyway, without further ado, here's what I wore today:

Belt-? Had it forever
Necklace-FIDM Scholarship Store ($5)

And now some of my favorite blogs by dedicated posters:


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your favorite list.

    God luck with your challenge.

    It reminds me that I need to get my butt in gear. I've been slacking off with my posts lately!

  2. Kudos to you! I made a commitment to myself to start a blog and post at least 4 times a week for a year. I'm currently going into my 8th month, and I've been averaging about 5 posts a week. The rewards have been great, so I wish you the best of luck in completing your challenge successfully.


  3. Thank you for the mention. Good luck on your challenge. (Did you include holidays and weekends in the "everyday" challenge?) Don't get me started on Photoshop. I've had it installed forever but haven't attempted to use it. I keep telling myself I will figure it out next weekend. If you master it, please, post some tips for us photo edit challenged bloggers.

  4. KDot-I work with teachers and know how tiring it is. Do what you can do. And yeah, I want to see your digs. Love the fireplace shot.
    Kendra-awesome blog. Inspiring. And thanks for the comment.
    Style Underdog- I feel like we're kindred spirits. I'm, let's just say, in my 40's, living in SoCal, was a punk rocker back in the day and now work and raise my daughter trying to remember I used to be cool. :)


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