Saturday, December 18, 2010


Blog Resolutions. I'm starting early now that I'm going to have some time. (although unfortunately I did NOT finish grading today. Holy Cow! Tomorrow for sure. :p)

I am resolving to:
1) Create a nice inside space for photos for the few times a year it is pouring down rain in Southern California like it has all day today.

2) Figure out why my pictures are blurry (and why it's only when they are pictures of me. Am I blurry?)

3) Learn Photoshop. I have it just need to learn how to use it.

4) Continue to blog regularly-even if I never get past 14 Followers. You never know when you'll accidentally put up something useful

5) Figure out how to do casual without wearing jeans every day.

6) And of course, be a better friend to fellow bloggers by letting them know how much I appreciate them.

I went to campus today for several more hours of trying to finish up this crazy quarter-it's not just me in the weeds btw (if you ever waited tables you know what "in the weeds" means) Only one half-decent picture without my awesome in-house photographer.

Shirt-made by me
Scarf-NY street vendor?
Juicy Couture Jeans-thrifted
Hat-gift from meeting


  1. You just reminded me that I wasn't following you, OOPSZ!

    Also, my 'casual without jeans' look is easily a tshirt dress... I often make these myself based on a 'Built By Wendy' Sew U Stretch pattern, and they're easily gorgeous but feel like tracksuit pants!

  2. I find this hard to believe, but I just discovered I wasn't officially following you either! Embarassing!!! Well, that has been remedied.
    A t-shirt dress is a good idea but I'm still gonna have to figure me out some pants.
    Glad we're officially followers of each other now. :)


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