Sunday, December 5, 2010

Everybody's A Critic

Today is a day off although I have tons of grading to do. So of course I've spent the firs half of the day looking at all your blogs. Ha ha. Oh well! I actually got myself dressed to go pick up some sandwhiches from Subway. My daughter took these pictures for me. Here's how it went:

My daughter: "Mom, you look too posed. Stop posing."

Me: "What? What are you talking about?"

""This is how I really stand."

"Do I look skinnier when I do this?"

My daughter: "Okay. Never mind. Just pose then."

Black sweater w/faux fur collar-Walmart like 12 years ago
GAP jeans-thrifted
Black flats-Marshalls

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  1. I think what cracks me up most about your post is I'M LIVING IT TOO, homework projects, ortho appts, dinner before 8 if I'm lucky, Stray Cats (!), trying not to pose but posing anyways, kids commenting, AND remembering I used to be cool too. Keep this up, I'm enjoying your daily updates, and your clothes, yes, those too.


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