Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Little Girl Is Growing Up

I'm talking about me. I noodled around and learned how to use the self timer since I was going to be home alone at picture taking time. I was running a little later for work than I wanted so I was completely rushing when I took this.
 I love that you can tell exactly what I'm thinking by my facial expression. "Okay Self, move it or lose it. Let's get this over with!"

"Can you hear me now?" I'm not actually holding a cell phone. It's just force of habit.

"Cute pose or audition photo for the TV show 'Snapped'?."

Leaf Brooch-Vintage

I got to wear a new to me blouse and jacket. I got the shirt from Goodwill. It's Banana Republic and so so pretty. The jacket has a silver shimmer in it which I am way into right now. Okay now I'm off to teach my night class.


  1. Love this look! Do you post your outfit every day? I do the same, but not as a blog post, I just upload my outfit to Flickr. I will follow you, maybe I'll get inspired! (I'm sure I will...)

  2. Thank you! I'm always so excited when i get a comment or a new follower. I checked out your site (I'm supposed to be working. Shhh) You and I have similar taste. I just started showing outfits because I made a commitment to post more. Thanks for the nice feedback. :)


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