Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Almost Tomorrow

I'm getting my Daily December post up right in the nick of time. Today I worked on some stuff at home in my sweatpants until I went out to teach my night class. You're welcome that I didn't take pictures of me in my sweatpants. I took these really fast before class and it was already pitch black outside and I only got one decent shot. I made the shirt from scratch the other day for the Friday Night Sew In but never posted it.
Weird Pop Art. Groovy, Man. It's actually a black and white striped knit shirt.

Shirt-Handmade by me

A cool thing happened today. I got a copy of a play I worked on that got published by Samuel French. My name is in it as Costume Designer. Neat!

I think it's actually tomorrow now. Whoops.

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