Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Said Yes To The Dress

I'm making my best friend's wedding gown. Yipes!!! I will be honest, I'm askeered a little. I know how to sew and make clothes. I made costumes for Broadway. I have a degree in Costume Design and have been doing that professionally for 20 some odd years, but I'm not fashion trained. And I still feel like a fashion making fraud. Ha.
But so what. It's for my best friend.

So we met on Saturday and got a head start. I'm using commercial patterns and changing them as needed which I am more comfortable with than starting from scratch. We got the muslin bodice fitted. It's actually looking good. Now to find a proper skirt pattern. This is going to be a Frankenstein dress-but hopefully with much more subtle stitching.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Glee, Emma Pillsbury or Oprah Fans-Red Alert!!!!

Wednesday April 7th is a special Glee Episode on Oprah. The Advanced Mixed Show Choir from my daughter's school is performing as an example of a real Show Choir. Please watch. It should be fantastic. I'm so excited. My daughter is a freshman and in the beginning show choir at Burroughs High School in Burbank. They filmed the choir room scenes for Glee in her school's choir room. I guess that's why they chose us. That and because the choir is amazing.
I am also a fan of Emma Pillsbury's style by the way. I don't know if she's on the Oprah episode but a lot of the cast will be there. Thank you, Oprah, but no picture of you. More Emma.