Monday, December 27, 2010

Say Cheese!

One of my New Years Blogolutions is to take better pictures. Granted right now I'm using a point and shoot. When I got it six months ago I thought I had really made it. My very own DIGITAL camera. Whoo! Then I saw the difference between how my pictures look compared to people with Nikon something or others. I've already found some good information online and thought I'd share what I've found.

Centsational Girl always has great photos as well as terrific tutorials. I learned a lot from here and this about Picasa which I also use.

kitchen island paintedcg headboard and silver lamp

here's a tutorial on getting your equipment together
this looks good too

Do you have any ideas or information? Feel free to share.

After I posted this, Kate at Centsational Girl posted this in depth information on taking better pictures. Thank you! Perfect timing.

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