Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I missed a post! I actually fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up just after midnight. Light weight! Anyway, I knew what I wanted to put up so I'll do this now and something later for today. I wanted to share something with you that is so cool I saw it at Dude Craft which is a really great blog if you haven't seen it. He always manages to find the most creative and interesting things. He wrote about a person who had put up compliments for random people to take.

It created such a buzz that the person who told him about this created a pdf so anyone can print these out and put them up. It's pouring down rain again here but I'll bet they'll let you put them up at Starbucks or at work. Pretty great, huh? When I went back over there for the links I saw he had posted another flyer idea someone else had done. What do you think? Great way to start the New Year, huh?

I'm almost done with the Every Day in December Challenge I created for myself. It hasn't been completely perfect, but I've done it. And I've gained 6 new followers. Thank you!!! And it's been fun. I'll definitely be posting more often than I was before. Thank you to all the bloggers who inspired this. You have a beautiful soul. :)

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