Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 2-and I had to work for it

It seemed like everything went wrong with trying to get these pictures up but I did it! With a little help from my daughter and my cat. I wore this to work. It was an Educator's Luncheon and I was outside at a table for the first few hours. LA weather is a little weird right now changing from cold to warm to cold again within a few hours so I just did easy layering. My friend Kady took some nice pictures during the day but all she had was her phone camera (my camera batteries ran out) and the pictures ended up too small. Oh, well.  My wonderful daughter took these at home after my work and her school and her Orthodontist appointment and dinner and me helping her get started with an AP Euro project. Yeah, so here it is. You're welcome. Ha ha.
Jacket-FIDM Scholarship Store $5 (donated from forever 21)
Beaded undertunic-Hand-me-down
Pinstripe pants-thrifted
Shoes-Marshalls like 12 years ago
Belt-came with thrifted dress

Whoa! Strip tease! Look out.

Getting frustrated

Sassy. Wait, is that a raccoon?

Oh. It's just Mews.

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