Saturday, February 20, 2010

Walking In L.A.

Today I met my class downtown for an Architectural Walking Tour . I chose the Art Deco tour this time and it was great. My favorite part was the cool bachelor pad from the 1930's atop the Oviatt Building. I wanted to hide under a piece of furniture and live there like Eloise in the Plaza Hotel but unfortunately common sense prevailed. The Penthouse Apartment and sun deck are now rentable for weddings and parties. Here are a couple of pictures from the website:

We were blessed with perfect weather even though it rained last night and a little bit this morning. I'll show what I wore but I'm warning you, this was a 2 hour walk in downtown Los Angeles so comfort trumps style. (especially the shoes-oh well, my feet thanked me) 

Shirt-New York & Co
Off-white Sweater-thrifted (Donna Karan)
Scarf-Forever 21
Sneakers-Big 5 Sportswear
ps-this is another military style jacket

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  1. What a fun way to spend the day! Looking over the links you provided made me want to watch old movies.


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