Thursday, February 18, 2010

Measurements And Read-Thru

I'm designing costumes again at Garry Marshall's Falcon Theatre. I didn't realize he directed and produced the new movie, Valentine's Day, until I saw the poster in the lobby. I still have to see that.
Today is one of my favorite kind of days, which is the first time I meet the actors and hear them bring the play to life in their own unique ways. I also show them my sketches and take measurements

Once again the play is well cast and everyone is super sweet. This is my fourth time working with Susan Morgenstern as director and it is always an immense pleasure. I mostly dressed for comfort today since I would be bending up and down to measure. These are stretch jeans and very comfy.
Jeans-Macy's about 4 years ago
That's the shadow of my daughter taking the picture. Thank you, Honey.

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