Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recycled Costumes

Just closed the last show I did costumes for. The Eco-Fashion exhibit I posted about earlier inspired me to show some of the costumes since they are all thrifted but two.
I also did a few refashions when I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. Here are photos of those:

This apron is my favorite of the refashions. I have made so many vintage style aprons I can't even count them anymore. This photo doesn't do it justice because of the lighting. It's actually a beautiful light aqua rayon. I made it from a baggy dress from the '90s. This is Barbara Tarbuck, by the way, from "General Hospital". Isn't she adorable?

This skirt is made from a jumper dress. I needed a Catholic School uniform skirt and couldn't find anything in her size.

There was another dress this character wore but apparently we don't have a picture of it. It had to look frumpy and also hide the school uniform underneath for a fast change. I made it from a maternity dress, cut the sleeves off to a jumper and velcroed the shoulders to make the change faster. Also added a couple of big black buttons to the front. The dress was a gray and black kind of herringbone knit.

My favorite costume piece in the show was this beautiful vintage smoking jacket I got at Playclothes vintage store in Burbank. It's from the '70s which is roughly when this play takes place. (The timeframe is vague because of the fable-like quality of the story and because it's set in a small town in Ireland which time has somewhat forgotten) The actor wearing the jacket is the lovely and talented Harry Hamlin.

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